Exam DO’s and DON’Ts

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Exam time is coming again! Many of us are facing final exams, national exams, university entrance exams, and even course exams, and for most, it is a stressful time. Here are great preparation tips for before, during, and after the exams to make your exam experience a bearable one.


  • Before : Prepare items you need for the exam, including writing utensils, calculator, identification card, etc. It’s calming for the nerves if you arrive on time, so you have time to find your seat and settle down without feeling rushed. Praying is also a great way to ease the nerves before jumpstarting a great thinking session.
  • During : Read the instructions for your exams. Sometimes a certain exam calls for long essay answers, or it could be a multiple choice type of exam. Follow the instructions, so that you don’t get penalized for giving the wrong answer.
  • After : Double checks your answers and identification. Be sure that your name and your identity number are written correctly to avoid any mishaps that could affect the outcome.


  • Before : Don’t panic when you see that others look better prepared than you are. You must be confident with what you’ve learned and be ready to shine!
  • During : Don’t cheat. Not only is it a dishonest thing to do, but you also risk getting caught and punished for your action. Believe in your self, and you’ll feel good afterwards, because you know your great exam score is a proof of your hard work.
  • After : Don’t compulsively check your text book or notes to see whether you got it right or not. At this point, all that matters is that you did your best. Knowing that you gave the wrong answer to a problem might bring you down, when in fact, you probably did a great job!
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